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~83 dog portraits full of creativity and humor

~Our four-pawed friends seen as human types in a variety of hilarious and astute guises

~A delightful gift book for all dog lovers and dog owners

Dogs are only human, aren’t they? This irresistible dog book by Sandra Müller combines refined canine portrait photography with a fun and loving look at our four-legged friends outfitted in different costumes to uncannily reveal their humanlike personalities — whether a giant schnauzer or pug, pedigree dog or characterful cross-breed. For every dog portrait, there is a humorous accompanying text about their chosen outfit. Pug Gisbert, for example, would certainly be a medic in the human world: you only need to call out the vet's name “Dr. Uwe” and Gisbert is already crazy with excitement.

Dog People Sandra Müller

SKU: H338